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Construction Management

Cubix Global provides you with the capabilities to bring your investments to life by managing the construction lifecycle. We have an attention to detail in every step of the process from site mobilisation, construction, commissioning, operational readiness and de-mobilisation.

The construction activity is part of Cubix Global 6 step management framework that is customisable to suit every project needs. The framework takes into account effective planning, schedules & timelines administration, quality assurance, health, safety, environmental, security and proper commercial administration of contracts.


The expertise to act as your agent or undertake the role of Superintendent ensures all aspects of the construction contract management process is managed effectively including:

  • Schedule management
  • Sub-Contractor management
  • Dispute resolution
  • Risk management
  • Quality assurance and defects compliance management 
  • Health, Safety and Security


The depth of experience and capabilities in administration and contract management services for managing subcontractors, suppliers or other providers ensures commercial and contracting obligations are met. The capabilities across different contracting models such EPCM, EPC, Early Contractor Involvement provides you with comfort that which ever model is applied, Cubix Global delivers commercial expertise:

  • Cost management
  • Claims and variations (EOTs,scope, specifications, design, liabilities, cost claims)
  • Logistics management of site materials and consumables
  • Transport (shipping, road and rail freight)
  • Quality assurance including defects and compliance management
  • Payment claims certificates

You can have confidence that your projects will be administered with attention to detail ensuring continuous progression towards on-time completion whilst minimising risk of time, cost and other commercial escalations.