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Procurement & Logistics Management

Project Procurement Delivery Model

The procurement of materials, goods, equipment or services is a critical requirement to meet your project outcomes.This is best achieved through robust planning and delivery process.

Cubix Global has developed a 3 stage methodology that provides you with planning, strategy and delivery management activities providing a procurement and logistics management solution that is structured and effective.

Each stage of the methodology focuses on a number of defined core activities that works towards meeting your project objectives, timelines and commercial expectations. 


Cubix Global has the infrastructure and capabilities to manage your logistics requirements as part of the overall procurement management solution.

The flow of project materials is managed from its origin to the consumption destination using integrated ERP information systems that can be specifically set-up to for your project. This capability provides total transparency for inbound / outbound materials, project inventory and warehouse management. 

Logistics Capabilities:
  • Track materials from its origin to its destination including any serialised or batched materials
  • Manage the transportation (road, rail, sea) activities
  • Manage onsite warehousing environment including multiple warehouses across any project
  • Host and manage inventory in a typical warehousing environment across multiple locations, projects and conduct expediting efforts
  • Requisitioning of add-hoc requests on project sites through a requisitioning system with the necessary approval workflow
  • Reporting that can be customised to your needs

Procure-to-Pay (P2P) is the end-to-end process of how an organisation commits for purchases and pays for goods or services. Every procurement delivery has to carry out a P2P process as it is imperative to operate a business. The excellence in executing this process is underpinned by effective business process, use of people and technology efficiently. Our ERP system ensures the right business rules and governance is applied to manage the procurement execution & management of goods and services for your project.