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Procurement Strategy & Execution

Procurement Strategy & Execution

“The only constant in the business world is change. We must always be agile to adapt our supply chain to capitalise on opportunities that will makes us greater. Regardless of the shift, it all starts with a robust procurement strategy”.

Procurement strategy is a thought process that considers a range supply chain options and models to determine the best solution that will deliver against your project supply chain objectives. Your strategy should outline the commercial imperatives and overall value proposition taking into account: 

  • Project characteristics and drivers
  • Spend
  • Scope of Requirements
  • Geography
  • Risk 
  • Market dynamics
  • Cost (using a TCO approach)
  • Commercial arrangements and structure

“Throw a pebble into a pond and no one notices, throw a rock into a pond that causes ripples – everyone notices”.

No matter what your supply chain size is, it is a critical cog of your business engine. We work diligently with you to identify your value levers and determine how that will work into the market. This helps defining a strategy that develops the best commercial arrangements and drives value from the procurement activities.

The success of  your strategy will require the necessary actions to be clearly defined and understood. It is the skills in the execution that brings it all to life.    

Procurement Strategy

Cubix Global has the experience developing and executing procurement strategies for projects of any complexity that capitalises on market opportunities to ensure an effective supply chain supports your project.

Creating effective supply chain structures through effective commercial arrangements that delivers the lowest total cost, efficiency with minimal risk exposure is what we do best and that is what you will receive and achieve commercial excellence.