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Strategic Sourcing

“A category and strategic sourcing process drives value in your supply-base by strategically identifying and capturing market opportunities”.

7 Stage Strategic Sourcing ModelStrategic sourcing is a fact based approach that takes an in-depth analysis of supply requirements with regards to its application in a project or operational environment. The process creates a added-value link between the customer and the market to achieve a lowest total cost supply-base delivering benefits such as bottom line savings, reduce commercial risks, minimise market volatility, timeline improvements, standardisation and materials management efficiencies.

Cubix Global applies a 7 step sourcing methodology that optimises the approach to category-specific strategic sourcing. We look for opportunities where effective combination of  requirements creates better economies of scale and use other leverage points to achieve a best for project-value outcome or operational supply chain benefits.

Cubix Global has the depth of experience in applying a rigorous and value adding strategic sourcing process as a stand-alone activity or as part your project wide process. We provide you with assurances that your requirements will be sourced and procured in manner that delivers the lowest total cost ownership whilst achieving project objectives.  


Cubix Global has the experience to source requirements from global sources so the right product, technology or services will be fit for the for your requirement. We provide global sourcing expertise that delivers greater value to your organisation whilst managing the risks associated with global sourcing.