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National Construction Code Amendment 1 -Public Comment

The proposed NCC changes are from the Building Ministers’ directive to accelerate the completion of actions from a comprehensive review that required measures to be actioned and improve the fire safety in high rise buildings as a result of the Lacrosse Apartments fire.

Those operating in the building and construction industry and have a keen interest to improve safety in the built environment are encouraged to provide comment by simply completing the online response form. The measures include:

  • A new Verification Method that adopts the external wall testing standard, AS 5113
  • Improving the evidence of suitability provisions
  • Clarifying the DTS Provisions relating to the fire performance of external walls
  • Referencing an updated sprinkler standard, AS 2118.

The closing of public comment is 10th September 2017, so please take some time to have your say.

You can access the draft here: or: